They fixed it.


After my complaints about the poor job on the doorway flooring, the lead carpenter came out yesterday morning and re-did the doorway… looks good this time.  We decided not to sand and refinish all the floors so we’ll have to wait for the natural colors to catch up with each other, but the floor boards flow from one room to the other as they should.

Hurray for speaking up.  (And thanks for all the moral support from commenters!)


2 thoughts on “They fixed it.

  1. You know the old saying, “Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” Although it’s usually used in different circumstances, here’s one where you can be BOTH! You were right to point out (that’s not complaining) the poor workmanship and to ask for it to be redone. Just as one of the comments said, you would probably be bringing forth anger and resentment every time you looked at that spot, if you hadn’t spoken up. You might be really making a contribution to the workers in your new home if you ask for the other places you’ve noticed that need a re-do; no one should pay for less than quality work, goods or services. Poorly done work that’s accepted ends up with neither party being truly satisfied. When we did a big project on our former home, I made a promise to myself (and silently to all the workers) that we wouldn’t accept anything that didn’t please us 100%, which enabled us to thank and appreciate each worker with 100% honesty for the skill and effort they put into their work.

  2. I agree. You are, after all, paying for this work to be done. And since they are hired to do a job with a certain expectation of quality, they should be willing to correct a problem. Many times I find that contractors are working against the clock to get tasks done so they can move on to the next job. But that should not dictate the quality of workmanship. Bravo for you.

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