As part of our de-cluttering process, we have had such great fun passing along things we don’t need any more through  So far in the last week or so, we’ve gotten rid of:

1. A Sleep-Number mattress that didn’t really live up to its claims of better sleep for people with back troubles.

2. Old exercise equipment that was in our basement when we moved in:Exercise Equipment DSC09841

DSC03215And 3. A Training Toilet–that is actually for potty training a child on the big toilet, (and able to be used by grownups too). Why did we have one of those in the first place?  We thought it might help during my attempt to toilet train our cats four years ago. (Sadly, it didn’t work out.)

Each of the people who took our castaways were totally thrilled to get these free new things in their lives.  And we enjoyed meeting the folks who came by our house to disassemble them and take them away.  What a great way to ring out the old year, and welcome in the new!



One thought on “Freecycle

  1. I, too, was moved to de-clutter and take bags and boxes of stuff to the thriftstore and library for others to enjoy. This is the perfect time of year to do this. Clear out the old energy and start fresh and clear.

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