Summer Solstice 10

Meanwhile, back in our yard, Margy took this photo of a turkey that had come by on Saturday, and decided to take a dirt bath. And, the turkey is back today!  We hope it isn’t too lonely–usually we’ve seen turkeys in whole gaggles. I guess there are critters even in yards in the city of Portland. Isn’t it great to have bare patches on the lawn that are just what the turkey ordered?  Turkey in Yard MD


One thought on “Summer Solstice 10

  1. I love this…made me smile. On my way to a hospice where I am a volunteer I pass an area where I sometimes see wild turkeys either in someone’s backyard, or in a wooded area nearby. Not infrequently I find myself just standing and watching them with, needless to say, a big grin on my face. Your post brought these happy memories back. Thank you!

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