Turkeys Visiting

Turkey on Garage Roof

Yesterday, I looked out a window and saw a turkey in the driveway.  When I went on the deck to get a closer look, it flew up to the maple tree in our neighbors yard.  But then I looked up and discovered two turkeys on the garage roof, another roosting in the pitch pine, more in the spruce and small maple on the other side of the house–we were surrounded!

The one on the roof seemed to enjoy our conversation–it was looking at me so intently as I spoke.  I wonder if this is the same family that visited often during the summer and played in the dirt in and near our future pond?  They were younger then, of course.  But maybe? If you look closely you can see two of them in the photo below, from their visit in September. This morning on my walk, they were out walking too.  Perhaps the deep snow has disrupted wherever they were hanging out during the winter.  But they look very fat and healthy.  A visit from wild neighbors always makes my day!

Turkeys in dirt


2 thoughts on “Turkeys Visiting

  1. We just got back from the Men’s breakfast, and on Rt 100 just beyond the West Falmouth Shopping center there were two VULTURES at the carcass by the side of the road, actually standing in the road but flew up when we drove close. Huge wings, and not turkeys because I looked up and clearly saw the beaks, which had that characteristic naked look. And turkeys wouldn’t be at a carcass, and I’m pretty sure they weren’t eagles, and too big for hawk. First time I’d seen them, a pair, and maybe mates.

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