The Adventure Continues

Back Door & Window DSC02518Despite the setbacks we’ve experienced, we are still feeling good about this small house with the lovely yard we’ve found in Portland. Today we did something fun–we talked to a carpenter about some renovations we want to do.  We need to convert a one-car garage into a two-car garage–and it turns out it’s fairly easy.  The garage is wide enough, we just need to add a wider door.  We want to put in a French Door from the kitchen to the backyard, in place of the door and window in the picture.  With such a great backyard, we want to have a better connection between the interior and the exterior.  Plus, a French Door will make the entrance wide enough for wheelchair access when we need it.

We also talked about widening the bathroom door for the same access reasons, and putting in French Doors to the office across from the bathroom–to create a wider turning radius in the hallway, and make that room accessible in case of future needs. It will also bring in more light into the hallway.  One more project is to add a window in the back bedroom to bring in more light and connection to the yard. The carpenter said all of these were very straightforward projects, and he’ll send an estimate in a couple days.

After the last weeks, we had to step back and re-decide if we could love the property, even with the Water District taking up part of it.  We learned that the water main is of a kind that may never need replacement or maintenance–the old cast iron pipes before World War II were better made than those following. And the undeveloped land off the back is owned by several abutting neighbors, which makes it less likely to be the site of a big future development. Now we have another land survey issue that we’ve asked the sellers to work out.  So many complications. But all in all, we feel so lucky to have found a good home with a big yard in the city, and so we’ve decided to go forward, and hope that all the complications can be sorted out. Send us good luck and prayers!



4 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues

  1. Dear Rev. Myke,

    I so enjoy your posts. Thank you for sharing your personal life with so many of us. It is a very inspiring life. Was very impressed with the post about Joanna Macy’s book, Active Hope. Would love to see a book study in our Saco UU. Has anyone in your church done anything with this book?

    Looks like a warm, sweet future space. We live in a condo that has french doors onto a small deck which looks out to a small wooded area. It is wonderful. Feels like we are living in the woods. We have our dining table in front of the doors and in the summer we are so comfortable not eating out on deck due to feeling like we are in a screened room. Little creek and marshy so there are big boy mosketos.

    Prayers, peace, love and light,

    Dorinne Spirito, Saco

    PS We in Saco are so looking forward to Rev. Sue being back.

    • Thanks Dorinne! I don’t think anyone has done a study group with the book, but I have heard Joanna mention that it is a great book to use for that. I hope you all can pull it off. There might be a study guide online somewhere.

  2. I’ve been following this saga for a while now, and am so happy you’ve found a place you feel good about. I hope you’ll post your permaculture adventures.

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