Garage Door

Garage During

Double wide opening complete!

Today, the new garage door is being installed.  I don’t have a picture yet of the completed door, but here are “during renovation” and “before renovation” pictures. Maybe someday we can shift to being a one car family, but with me working, and Margy with a disability, we still need two cars.

Or maybe someday, that one car can be electric, and be charged by solar panels on the roof of the garage–dreams for even more green journeying in the future.  But we do the steps we can do in the time we have right now. Thinking back to one of the other houses we liked, that one would have required we build a whole new garage.  So we are grateful that this garage was able to be easily renovated to meet our needs.


The Garage–Before


One thought on “Garage Door

  1. Looking good so far. And I like the idea of garage-roof solar panels to provide the juice for an electric car. As it is at the moment, most electrics are plugged into the regular power grid, which in effect makes them “coal-powered”. Honestly, I have no real problem with coal-powered electric plants (I know, pure heresy. But I yam what I yam, as the great philosopher Popeye said.) But it does kind of defeat the purpose of the electric car, nicht war?

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