Wheel of Fun

Fun Wheel

Today, Margy and I made art together.  She was coloring Celtic goddesses, and I made this fun wheel.  It is on the model of a chore wheel–you know, where you spin the dial and know who is doing dishes, or laundry, or sweeping the floor.  Only this is for activities that bring joy.  Since that is not always my forte.  So this way, I can spin the dial, and have a suggestion for a fun thing to do.

I constructed a wheel out of cardboard and paper, and then I brainstormed a list of ideas for activities.  I decided to categorize them by the four elements–Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Because I am a witch and that is how my mind works.  Plus it occurred to me that to care for ourselves, it might be good to have nourishment in all four elements.  Then I decorated with stickers.

We were listening to music while we made art! Plus I took a break to drink a cup of tea and play with Sassy… so that is air, fire, water and earth in one afternoon.  In the center is traditionally the element of spirit, and I thought to add new places, new ideas, new activities, and gratitude to fill out the center of the circle. Today, doing art is our new activity.

What I noticed:  in my original list of activities, the fewest were for water–I had to ponder that and add a couple more.  In my everyday life, most of the activities for earth and air already happen every day, fewer for fire and water.  What do you do for fun and self-care?

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9 thoughts on “Wheel of Fun

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  2. I love this idea. A couple of the items kind of jumped out at me that found me instantly grinning. What were they? 1) Play with cats. 2) Walk, which included the picture of a skunk…gotta love the skunk. 🙂

    • We don’t usually see skunks around during the day, but we’ve seen evidence in the garden at night–they dig holes and eat Japanese beetle grubs–which is definitely good news for the garden. So I’ve developed a soft spot for skunks.

      • You know, I am with you on this one. I too have a soft spot for skunks (and a deep respect lol 🙂 ). On the night of the relatively recent full lunar eclipse, my husband and I were out at around midnight enjoying the spectacle, when what to our surprise (and amusement) a skunk skittered across the road about half a block from where we stood. We were actually quite surprised as it was -20 degrees Celcius/-4 degrees Farenheit. We’ve seen them show up in the winter at night, but never when it was that cold.

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